Consulting and support in the field of Software- and IT Quality Management and Software- / IT Process optimization

Even nowadays the potential for improvement in the field of IT- and Software Quality Management is tremendous.

Actual studies as well as personal experience show that Quality Management and Process Optimization are neglected by many IT- and IT related companies.  These companies suffer from unexploited improvement potentials either financially or around their ability to remain competitive in the area of business in which they operate.

By means of structured assessments, conducted together with the client, the existing processes and procedures in Software Engineering and IT are evaluated and then compared with best-practice approaches such as CMM(i), Spice, RUP, SCRUM, ITIL, or Cobit. By benchmarking the client’s own procedures against the procedures projected by these respective approaches – a gap analysis is performed.

The gaps identified provide the baseline for defining quantifiable goals and constructing structured optimization plans in unison with the client. The implementation of the optimization plan is executed either exclusively by the client themselves, or alternatively, is achieved together with the client through consulting services – so providing independent / external guidance, or by actively being directly involved in the enhancement implementation itself.

The final step in closing the improvement cycle is the re-assessment of the new procedures and processes to measure whether the intended improvements are in evidence, or if further adaptations to these procedures are required to fully exploit the potential for raising efficiency and effectiveness.

Consulting and support in the field of Software- and IT Project Management

Correspondent to the services described above (in Software and IT Quality Management) an assessment of the methodologies and practices within Project Management is acquired to enable a gap analysis to then be performed against defined “Best Practice” PM approaches / methodologies such as SCRUM, PMI, IPMA, Prince2, a.s.o.

Based upon gaps identified, an implementation plan is established with the client and defined measures agreed.

Either the client is then supported in implementing this plan on a counselling basis only, or the client is actively supported throughout the implementation of the established plan. Naturally, the client may choose to take consulting guidance given and implement the identified measures independently.

The final step of the professional service involves re-assessing the improvements achieved to compare the results with the objectives defined.

Support via Project Manager “Manpower”

This service operates in the form of dynamic “sole manpower” where,  clients are successfully supported in the management of their Software and IT projects.