CPB Software (CPBS) is an international IT / SW company operating in the financial and banking industry as well as providing e-business services. With 200 employees, CPBS develops and operates core banking applications for leading private banks on the one hand, and develops bespoke SW solutions in the e-business arena on the other.

Acting as a project and program manager for CPB Software – numerous projects and programs were successfully implemented:

  • Project- and program management for replacing a midrange (iSeries) based core banking solution (with a focus on securities management and investment banking) by a state of the art multi-tier solution; managing an international, distributed project team located at different development sites including an Indian offshore development partner (with several offshore-assignments being allocated to India)
  • Project management for implementing the merger of two private banks in CPBS’s IT solutions (CPBS serving both banks at that time)
  • Project management for onboarding the newly founded subsidiary of a Liechtenstein bank in Austria in CPBS’s banking solution
  • Project management and program management for developing a CRM solution focussing on Financial Industry (Portolio Management, FI master-data support, Scoring and Rating of multiple client characteristics)
  • Technical project management for onboarding the IT solution and securities settlement of an Austrian subsidiary of a Swiss bank onto CPBS’s IT solutions
  • Conceptualization, design and project management of migrating CPBS’s former issue management solution towards a state-of-the-art solution based on “JIRA”; Launch of the new solution (“SupportNet”) for CPBS’s clients