ÖBB-BCC (former ÖBB-IKT) is the internal IT service provider of the ÖBB Group (Austrian Railways).  Utilizing approx. 1,400 employees, it provides IT services to various other ÖBB subsidiaries.

For ÖBB-BCC (on behalf of Anecon) the following projects were managed between August 2013 and February 2015:

Like “Immobilien Assistent” Qualitäts Check was developed as a bespoke solution for ÖBB-Immobilienmanagement GmbH (“ÖBB-Immo”). The system is used by ÖBB-Immo and ÖBB-Infrastruktur to measure both maintenance quality and operating conditions of railway stations and transport facilities throughout Austria. Mobile Devices (tablets, smartphones) are used here, processing structured questionnaires and check-lists on various, well defined and weighed quality-attributes. Based on the answers provided the results are categorized, ranked and statistically evaluated, thus providing the basis for decision-making and subsequent actions regarding continuously enhancing maintenance quality and hence improving passenger satisfaction.

For this project the engagement consisted of acting as the technical Project Manager as well as the deputy Project Manager. Tasks accomplished encompassed the coordinating of internal and external project partners as well as managing solution implementation in ÖBB-BCC’s data center.

Participating in regular resource alignment meetings between ÖBB-BCC and ÖBB-Infrastruktur to enable sufficient staffing on several projects, showed that the alignment procedure which had, thus far, been followed could, in fact, be optimized by using an IT system based resource management (resource demand management and resource planning) solution. Hence followed the analysis, design and the implementation of such a system, the system developed and the solution deployed was to instantly prove successful, as detailed:

  • Communications overheads between the two companies involved were significantly reduced
  • A compact overview of the current and future resource requirements, as well as current manpower of IT specialists was established – gap analyses as the basis for subsequent staffing actions were facilitate.

Being a member of ÖBB-BCC’s Project Management Office (“PMO”), the conceptual design and implementation of a Microsoft SharePoint-based system for capturing project (progress) reports was done. The system also provided the functionality of using the figures reported by the PMs as a basis for several management dashboards based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, as well as creating Microsoft PowerPoint slides. This solution provided:

  • a significant reduction for PMs’ efforts in reporting project status and progress (which before hand had to be done redundantly across several media)
  • facilitation and speed-up of management reporting, as well as,
  • a prepared “Information on Demand” dashboard with relevant project KPIs for the management

Finally, also several report- and presentation templates were designed for project- and program reporting within ÖBB-BCC’s PMO in the course of the collaboration at the PMO – providing management with:

  • a clear, concise and structured presentation of project status and progress
  • a sound basis for decisions to be taken